Dental Work Claim

A good dentist will make you feel at ease and will work quickly and safely to fix your problem for you. However, not all dentists take the necessary amount of care, or they fail to follow standard procedures. If they make mistakes, you could be left with unnecessary pain, suffering and expense. Your injuries may not even be limited to your mouth. If you have suffered pain, suffering or additional expense at the hands of a negligent dentist, then you may be able to make a dental negligence claim to help you to gain access to the compensation which you deserve.

What Type Of Injuries Can Be Caused By Dental Negligence?

Typical dental errors can include; failed dental implants, inadequate fillings, inadequate root canal therapy, inadequate crowns, extraction of the wrong tooth, failure to identify and spot tooth decay; and a failure to manage periodontal disease (severe bleeding gums).

Accidents can also occur during surgery which result in damage to the face, and can include permanent scarring. Some dentists in the UK have even been found to have been using certain chemicals in their work in an unsafe manner, which can lead to the patient being poisoned. The medical team who are carrying out the surgery must also take care to ensure that any anaesthetic which is used is administered correctly, because incorrect use of anaesthetic can lead to lifelong injury or even death for the victim.

The aftermath of any type of dental accident like this can leave you with mental or physical suffering. If you have suffered any of these injuries at the hands of a dentist, then you may be eligible to make a dental negligence claim. Tell your story to a competent legal professional so that they can ascertain whether your accident and subsequent experiences would be something that could yield compensation.

Proceeding With A Claim

In order to make a claim, you will need to tell a dental negligence claims solicitor the full story behind your accident, and explain the consequences of the incident to them. Make sure that you also tell them if you have suffered any emotional symptoms since the accident, such as anxiety attacks or nightmares, as these are important details which are relevant to your claim.

As part of your case, you may have to submit to a medical examination with a qualified dentist or doctor, so that they are able to see what damage has been done. Although this may be distressing to you if you have a fear of dentists, it can form an integral part of your case, so it is important that you go through with it. Your dental negligence claims solicitor may also need to access your dental and medical records. Once they have put a solid case together on your behalf, they will approach the guilty party with the claim, and encourage them to offer a compensation settlement. If that party refuses to admit liability and settle, or if they offer an unsatisfactory settlement, the claim may end up going to court.

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