Work Related Claim

All types of jobs have a certain degree of risk. If you’re a bus driver, you’re vulnerable to road accidents. If you’re a gardener, you can are exposed to harmful chemicals. If you’re a machinist, you can figure yourself in an injury caused the machine you’re handling. Even when what you have is a workstation job, you are still at risk.

In fact, workplace risks and accidents are so real over 600,000 workers were reported to have met accidents between 2012 and 2013. As many as 100,000 of them had to be absent from work for a week. Meanwhile, close to 150 had died.

This then brings us to a very important question: if the accident is caused by somebody else, can you file for a work accident claim?

Can You Claim?

The answer is a resounding yes. You are definitely free to file for work accident claim. Unlike in the United States, which has a workmen’s compensation insurance, the UK doesn’t have its equivalent. But the law compels all businesses to secure insurance. This insurance is often called general liability; and the policy, among other things, can be used to pay for injury that may be incurred by their customers because of a product defect, for instance, or by their employees while in the line of work. In other words, when you meet an accident and the employer immediately acts on it, they generally get the compensation money from the insurance cover.

However, there are times when the compensation provided by the insurance company is not sufficient or you believe it’s less than what you deserve. This is especially true when the accident caused you to lose a significant amount of earnings and possible receive a substantial medical bill. This is where the work accident claim can come in.

The claim is sort of telling the insurance company to pay you what is truly due to you. You work closely with a solicitor who will help you prepare all the documents and the notice that will be sent out to your employer and then to the insurance company.

The employer, who then becomes the defendant, now has two choices. One, if he accepts the claim after a more thorough investigation and assessment, then the claim is settled. However, if he doesn’t, and you wish to go on with it, the claim proceeds to the court, leaving the judge to decide whether you definitely deserve the compensation you want.

“But I Can Get Fired!”

The responsibility of looking after your welfare while at work lies on your employer. Thus, one of their duties is to ensure you’re properly compensated when you meet an accident while at work.

No employer can and should fire you on the basis of your claim. That is not allowed by law. Moreover, you can make a claim against earnings that you may have lost while in treatment or seeking recovery.

A solicitor can provide you with the support and confidence you need, as well as professional guidance and better understanding of the law, when you file for the claim.

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